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Co-Chairs and Committees

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Heather MacLachlan (Fall 2017-Fall 2019)

Associate Professor, University of Dayton





Kate Alexander (Fall 2018-Fall 2020)

Assistant Professor, University of Arizona



Rachel Wilson Cota (Fall 2019-Fall 2021)

Graduate Student, Arizona State University



SEM Panel Coordinator (2019)

Steven Moon      srm117@pitt.edu 


Herndon Book Prize Committee (2019)

Sonia Seeman     stseeman@austin.utexas.edu (Chair)

Moshe Morad     moshe.morad@gmail.com

Nicol Hammond     nihammon@ucsc.edu

Gillian Rodger     grodger@uwm.edu


Marcia Herndon Award Committee - for article-length works (2019)

Kevin Schattenkirk     kev.schatt@gmail.com (Chair) 

Darci Sprengel     darci.sprengel@music.ox.ak.uk

Adrienne Alton-Gust     acag@uchicago.edu

Jeff Roy     jeff.roy@live.com     



Activism Coordinator (2019)

Rebekah Moore     r.moore@northeastern.edu     


Past Chairs

Gavin Lee and Sarah Hankins 2015-2017

David Kaminsky 2013-2015

Todd Rosendahl 2012-2014

Sidra Lawrence 2011-2013

Tes Slominski 2010-2012

Roberta Lamb 2009-2012 

Henry Spiller, 2008-2010

Kiri Miller 2007-2009

Boden Sandstrom 2005-2008

Juniper Hill, 2005-2007

Amy R. Corin 2003-2005

Eileen M. Hayes 2003-2005

Maria V. Johnson 1999-2003

Founding Steering Committee 1996-1997: 

  • Ingrid Monson (chair)
  • Zoe Sherinian
  • Eileen Hayes
  • Gillian Rodger
  • Roberta Lamb 


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